Fire Fighter - Game Boy

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The heat is on!You play a hero, Eric the fire fighter and your mission is to rescue people from some very bizarre situations. Armed with just your trusty hose, or any other weapons picked up, you enter blazing buildings battling against the forces of each flamed-filled environment.Carry men, women or children in a "Fireman's Lift" to the safety of the ambulance or jump out of the window...but make sure your friends are there to catch you!Watch the time! There are still people to find, you must keep the fire under control...or you will find it too hot to handle?- 10 massive and increasingly challenging levels- Original, brain teasing and exciting gameplay- Find and collect various useful items- Password and continue features


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Fire Fighter (Europe)
Mindscape DMG-F8-NOE 4013195000430
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Fire Fighter (USA)
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