Black Bass: Lure Fishing - Game Boy

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FISH ANYWHERE. ANYTIME!The BLACK BASS LURE FISHING for Game Boy combines 3-D action and reel life fishing all in one!Flip open your electronic tacklebox and choose from 8 different lures, pick your favorite fishin' spot and cast your line. Then hold your breath as you dive into an underwater world to get a fish-eye view of the action.Now's your chance to practice the moves of all your favorite lures, like the hoppin' frog and the wigglin' worm. You won't wait long before a Black Bass spots your lure and EXPLODES into battle!IF YOU LOVE FISHING, THEN THIS IS ONE GAME YOU JUST GOTTA CATCH!


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Hyper Black Bass (Japan)
Hot B DMG-HPJ 4967948000508
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Black Bass: Lure Fishing (USA)
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