The Chessmaster - Game Boy

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Introducing...The Chessmaster, the most powerful chess program in the world today - and the friendliest! The Chessmaster is the perfect chess companion, adversary and instructor for any chess player, beginner to expert.Outstanding features include:- 16 levels from Newcomer to Grandmaster- Teaching Mode shows all the possible moves- Codeword allows you to stop play and continue at a later time without resetting the board- Set up pieces in any position to play, analyze and solve chess problems- Takeback/Replay option allow review of past moves for analysis - all the way back to the beginning of the game, then forward againNow you can play, practice or challenge The Chessmaster anywhere you of all you'll never lose a piece!


Game Detail

The Chessmaster (USA)
Hi Tech Expressions DMG-EM E
The Chessmaster (Europe)
Nintendo DMG-EM-NOE
The Chessmaster (Japan)
Altron DMG-EMJ 4994964111062
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