Dragon's Lair: The Legend - Game Boy

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Dirk the Daring held the maids limp and lifeless body gently in his arms, as he surveyed the carnage of the bloody battle scene. With the last gasps of her dying breath Princess Daphnes loyal servant had told Dirk the horrible tale of their undoing. It seemed a traitor in their ranks had informed the evil Mordroc that the princess caravan was carrying the mythical Life Stone, an ancient artifact rumored to give its owner limitless power and eternal life. His barbaric army had ambushed the princess helpless band, mercilessly slaying all but the beautiful Princess whom they had taken into captivity. Fortunately, before the attack, the maid had used her limited powers of sorcery to shatter the Life Stone into hundreds of pieces and scatter them throughout the land. Dirk knew what he must do now, though he did not relish the task. The Life Stone must be reassembled before Princess Daphne could be rescued from Mordrocs evil clutches!


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Dragon's Lair: The Legend (USA)
Ubisoft DMG-DL-USA
Dragon's Lair: The Legend (Imagesoft Release) (USA)
Sony Imagesoft DMG P DL
Dragon's Lair (Japan)
Epic/Sony Records DMG-DLJ 4988010003791
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Dragon's Lair: The Legend (Europe)
Elite DMG-P-DL
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