Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge - Game Boy

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It's the ultimate driving competition... the FERRARI GRAND PRIX CHALLENGE. Head-to-head, 2-player "real-time" split-screen action separates Ferrari from the rest of the pack. Choose your team and drivers. Select the weather and road conditions. Customize your car with engine, tire, brakes and manual or automatic transmission. Tune your suspension for the fastest handling. Now you're ready to compete on over 16 tracks across 6 continents at record-breaking speeds! FERRARI GRAND PRIX CHALLENGE... closer to F1 racing than anything you've ever played!


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Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (USA)
Acclaim DMG-XP
Ferrari (Japan)
Coconuts Japan DMG-XPA 4953507921230
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Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (Europe)
Acclaim DMG-XP-NOE
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