Fish Dude - Game Boy

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You gotta be fast to rule the Ocean!The more you explore, the weirder it gets!Navigate through the ocean depths with the raddest fish around; Fish Dude. The object of the game is to eat as many little fish as possible so Fish Dude can grow to fight off his hungry enemies. Big fish, seagulls and a floating feline are all after Fish Dude. Luckily Fish Dude has some cool pals like Octo Dude to help him out of tricky situations.So come on in, get your feet wet and explore the high seas with Fish Dude!


Game Detail

Uoozu (Japan)
Towa Chiki DMG-USJ 4964896181136
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Fish Dude (USA)
Sofel DMG-US-USA 93295911113
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