Great Greed - Game Boy

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Hot Hand-To-Hand Combat!Great Greed whisks you to a world wracked in turmoil. Bio-Hazard Harry is out to pollute a new planet. As Sierra Sam it's up to you to stop him and save the Greene Kingdom. Battle battalions of monsters with a unique interactive fighting system. Great Greed's active combat control puts you in command. Blast off devastating spells with the touch of a button. Hack and dodge! It's all in your hands.-Innovative hand-to-hand combat system!-Seven countries to explore!-Over 20 scorching spells!-Interact with hundreds of characters!-Hours of awesome role playing adventure!


Game Detail

Vitamina Oukoku Monogatari (Japan)
Namco DMG-B6J-JPN 4907892040083
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Great Greed (USA)
Namco DMG-B6 722674020121
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