Lazlos' Leap - Game Boy

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Somewhere in Middle Europe, Professor Laslos sat alone...lost in a game of his own creation. The more this mathematician and Game Boy player pondered his next move, the deeper he slipped into thought. His game is now known as "Lazlos' Leap."What a mind game! Puzzle No. 100 is the most challenging of all. Take your time as long as the batteries last.Take your best shot at 100 mind-boggling puzzles with a checker-like play. Each puzzle displays a unique marble pattern in which you must jump and eliminate all of the marbles on the board. There is one catch...the last marble must end up in the center of the board.A battery back-up saves two separate games and compares your score against the par set by Professor Lazlos.


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Solitaire (Japan)
Hect DMG-S5A 4961508921210
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Lazlos' Leap (USA)
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