Prophecy: The Viking Child - Game Boy

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You take the control of young Brian, The Viking Child, who one day returns from a journey to find an evil wind has destroyed his village, and taken his friends and family captive. A wizard's prophecy reveals that Brian must rescue them from deep within the Great Halls of Valhalla, where they remain prisoners of the evil God Loki. Along the way you'll come across 8 stunning and unique levels, and hundreds of strange and terrible adversaries. Brian must battle and defeat the 8 Apprentices Of Darkness before he is allowed to enter Valhalla, where he must pass the ultimate test. Swords, Shields, Potions and Power, coupled with your own special style, is the only way you will be able to defeat the Dark Lord. Easy to pick up, impossible to put down, The Prophecy is fantastic entertainment.


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Prophecy: The Viking Child (USA)
GameTek DMG-VC
Prophecy: The Viking Child (Europe)
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