Radar Mission - Game Boy

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You select the battleground. Will it be underwater submarine warfare or surface ship-to-ship action?Volunteer for submarine duty and lead the fleet into action. Use sophisticated sonar to track enemy motion from under the sea. Then surface and use your periscope for a 3D view of enemy ships on the horizon. Fire torpedoes and guns to destroy your opponent. Lead the fleet to victory, but watch out for damaging hits to your vessel! For a guided missile battle, try the surface naval action. Two squadrons of battleships each face off for a radar-directed, ship-to-ship conflict. Pinpoint each enemy vessel and fire. Find and sink the opponent's ship before they find yours!


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Kaisen Game: Radar Mission (Japan)
Nintendo DMG-RMA 4902370501216
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Radar Mission (USA)
Nintendo DMG-RM-USA
Radar Mission (Europe)
Nintendo DMG-RM
Radar Mission (Australia)
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