Rolan's Curse 2 - Game Boy

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King Barius is back for revenge! From the flaming depths of evil, he returns, bringing forth legions of monsters more vicious than anything the world has ever known!Gather your wits and grab your sword! Team up with a band of worthy companions to search for treasure and magic. Then prepare yourself for a savage battle against the dreaded monarch of evil!- Control up to 4 characters.- Battery back-up feature lets you save your game anytime.- Amazing Auto-Map feature will keep you from getting lost.- Collect the fabled Fiary Wings and teleport anywhere in the game!!


Game Detail

Velious II: Fukushuu no Jashin (Japan)
Sammy Studios DMG-VTJ 4991694011020
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Rolan's Curse 2 (USA)
American Sammy DMG-VT 39471906030
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