Snow Brothers - Game Boy

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Snowing the Enemy is a Real Ball!R-r-rollLLL out the snowballs! Here come the madcap Snow Brothers, turning a mountain of ice foes into ice cops. But one of the Snow Brothers is missing! Tom has mysteriously vanished in King Scorch's Ice Palace. More chilling news - the sun is burning out. Now it's up to Nick to rescue his brother and save the Heart of the Sun!- 50 floors of shivering action and cool surprises.- Start avalanches to ice the baddies.- Score big when you find chilly treats.- Freeze the Abominable Snow Boss to escape!- Grab hot sauce to win Speed Skates and Power Shots.


Game Detail

Snow Bros. Jr. (Japan)
Naxat Soft DMG-SJJ 4988658912035
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Snow Brothers (USA)
Capcom DMG-SJ 13388120079
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Snow Brothers (Europe)
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