Spud's Adventure - Game Boy

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OH NO! The Princess is gone and lost! Sped must find them or be trapped forever...Carefully, quietly, Spud creeps up to Far Tower. He knows that Devi the batty badman, has stolen Princess Mato and hidden her somewhere inside. Spud finds a dark doorway... inside is a deep staircase filled with cobwebs . . . he starts down. What was that noise? He has no idea of the horrors waiting inside the gloomy Tower - enemies with bulging eyes! Walls with hidden doors! Spud takes another step down . . . the light begins to fade. And he knows that somewhere, somehow, the Lord of the Far Tower, Devi is waiting . . .


Game Detail

Totsugeki! Valetions (Japan)
Atlus DMG-TVJ-JPN 4984995100043
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Spud's Adventure (USA)
Atlus DMG-TV 730865100019
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