Square Deal - Game Boy

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Enter the glamorous, glitzy world of a high stakes game of chance. The name of the game is Square Deal, a portable casino for your Game Boy. It's a compelling challenge of skill, luck, mental manipulation, and pure concentration. Place your bets...if your adrenalin can take it!52 cards are shuffled and one card at a time drops onto the five-card grid below. Make the best poker hand possible in a straight vertical or horizontal line for high points. Each poker hand made is eliminated and the space is freed above the grid, the game is over. Eliminate all 52 cards and make enough ante money to advance to the next level. Watch out, the cards drop faster after each level!


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Cadillac II (Japan)
Hect DMG-CAJ 4961508901083
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Square Deal (USA)
DTMC DMG-CA 739711830087
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