Super Hunchback - Game Boy

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A welcome and impressive return for the world's most love hunchback!Ever have a hunch you could be a hero? Well here's your chance! The exquisite Esmeralda has been taken captive by the hideous and heinous Halfenpounder. And nobody - but nobody - is willing to risk the perils of his trap infested castle to rescue her from the highest bell tower.Nobody that is, except you - Super Hunchback! You may be mad, or you may be miraculous; bit only you can negotiate the frightful forest of runaway logs, the spike filled castle moat, and the dark dungeons and demonic denizens of the castle itself. Just jump up and ring the big bells to advance... if you dare.But beware - Halfenpounder has the biggest bells of all, and he won't hesitate to drop one on you!


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Super Hunchback (USA)
Ocean DMG-HN
Super Hunchback (Japan)
Imagineer DMG-HNJ 4965857009025
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Super Hunchback (Europe)
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