Track Meet - Game Boy

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You're in the blocks.The coliseum crowd is hushed.The starter gun cracks.You're off!You take the lead! You're maneuvering perfectly.You might just beat your smile-flashing opponent Jack Strop, and go on to product endorsement stardom. But first, you have to get around the sneaky moves of I.B. Cheetin, and three other power-packed competitors. And not just in the the 100 Meters, but in the Hurdles, Javelin Throw, Pole Vault, Long Jump, Discus Throw, and Weight Lifting.This is no walk in the park -- it's the world finals. And it takes more than sweat to be champion -- it takes the strategic moves of a skilled athlete. So come on, suit up! The crowds are waiting.


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Track Meet (USA)
Interplay DMG-TM
Track Meet: Mezase! Barcelona (Japan)
Hiro DMG-TMA 4992128020038
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Litti's Summer Sports (Europe)
Interplay DMG-TM-NOE
Track Meet (Europe)
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