Ultima: Runes of Virtue - Game Boy

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The world of Ultima games comes to Game Boy! Guide one of four characters on a quest to find the hidden Runes of Virtue. The Mage casts spells; the Bard is a longbow expert; the Knight is a master swordsman; and the Ranger throws his magic axe. Explore the eight concealed dungeons for treasure. Discover magic swords, potions and teleporters. Battle bats, dragons, ghosts, serpents and skeletons-even the villainous Black Knight! Challenge this brand new game made exclusively for Game Boy by FCI!-Powerful 1 meg chip with Battery back-up saves play positions-Two players can compete or cooperate for up to 80 levels-Exciting one-player action in over 170 levels-An entirely new game from the creators of the original Ultima


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Ultima (Japan)
Pony Canyon DMG-UTJ 4988013024199
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Ultima: Runes of Virtue (USA)
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