Ultra Golf - Game Boy

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MASTER ULTRA GOLF AND YOU MIGHT THINK SERIOUSLY ABOUT JOINING THE TOUR.Ultra Golf is to Game Boy what the Opens are to pro tour. Designed as the ultimate professional golf challenge, the 35 different holes featured on the Master and Championship courses will leave you feeling trapped, soaked and very roughed up. To win you must balance risk taking with smart shots. And you'll soon realize that crushing the ball will have little impact, if your touch around the green bites.- The most realstic golf simulation for Game Boy allows you to adjust your stance to fade or draw the ball. Specific strike points also let the skilled player put backspin or topspin on the ball.- Select the tournament mode and choose to compete in a 1 - 4 day event. (Battery Backup saves your position in the tournament mode)- Before you make a charge at the leader, you must prove you can compete with the pros by shooting under par in a qualifying round.- Practice mode lets you play any hole on the Master or Championship course to hone your skills.- Unlike other golf games, Ultra Golf lets you scroll through an entire hole before each shot. This gives you a detailed perspective of the upcoming hazards.- Two golfers can compete against one another using only one Game Boy. This feature truly tests the nerves, whether you choose stroke play or match play.- Course officials chart important stats, including closest to the pin, longest drive, best score and tournament results.- Before each shot the computer will suggest the best club, just like a professional caddy.


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Konamic Golf (Japan)
Konami DMG-KGA-JPN 4988602578485
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Ultra Golf (USA)
Ultra DMG-KG-USA 83717145073
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Konami Golf (Europe)
Konami DMG-KG
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