InfoGenius Productivity Pak: Spell Checker and Calculator - Game Boy

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Now you can check the spelling of over 60,000 of the most frequently misspelled words without consulting the dictionary!Just type in the word as you think it is spelled and the InfoGenius Spell Checker instantly shows you the correct spelling. If the word is misspelled, the Spell Checker finds its most probably match...phonetically.Plus, the cartridge converts your Game Boy into a full-functioning calculator! It's the ideal tool for business people, students, and travelers.Much faster and more convenient than any dictionary, the Spell Checker and Calculator is perfect for desk, home, and use on the go.Put it all right at your fingertips, with instant access to the information you need when you need it... with the InfoGenius Spell Checker and Calculator.


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InfoGenius Productivity Pak: Spell Checker and Calculator (USA)
GameTek DMG-SL-USA 43948540030
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