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It's the 21st century and N.A.C., a feared terrorist group of the galaxy, threatens to destroy Earth. They've developed the super weapon "EL" that will blast away Earth's ozone layer. And they've threatened to use it! As the world's top jet fighter pilot, you're in command of the of the ultimate in combat aircraft - the "Freedom Fighter." Armed with the latest in new high-tech weaponry, you and your jet are Earth's only chance against the merciless N.A.C. Good luck!


Game Detail

Aerial Assault (Japan)
Sega G-3219 4974365132194
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Aerial Assault (USA)
Sega 2320 10086023206
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Aerial Assault (Europe)
Sega 670-2095-50 4974365623203
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Aerial Assault (South America)
Tec Toy 15820
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