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TO SAVE THIS PRINCESS, YOU'VE GOT TO USE YOUR HEAD...YOUR FIST AND YOUR FEET!Kidnapped by the sorcerer Popils, the beautiful princess cries out for your help. As she paces around, you've got to destroy the blocks by punching, kicking and head-butting them in just the right order - and with the right timing - to reach her.SPECIAL FEATURES :- 100 block puzzles !- Battery Backup lets you resume play from where you left off, even if you've turned off the power!- Map Editor lets you create your own puzzles!- Send and receive puzzles to and from your friends with your Gear-to-Gear Cable! It's a great way to challenge your buddies with your original puzzles and share the fun!


Game Detail

  • Title: Popils
  • Also Known As: Magical Puzzle Popils (JP), Popils: The Blockbusting Challenge (EU)
  • Genre: Puzzle > Action
  • Platform: GameGear
  • Developer/Publisher: Tengen
  • Release: 1992
  • GameFAQS: FAQS | Cheats | Reviews | Videos
Magical Puzzle Popils (Japan)
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Popils (USA)
Popils: The Blockbusting Challenge (Europe)
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