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Get ready to rev up your motors, hit the dirt, and become "World Champion Remote Control Racer"!But first you'll have to prove that you're the quickest, most radical, maneuvermaniac on the high-speed circuit today. How? By zooming through 10 different courses that get harder and trickier with each turn. Beware of dangerous track cross-overs, and of course, the rest of the field of expert R.C. Racers.Compete for prize money and Win, Place, or Show trophies. Use your prize winnings to improve your car at the parts store. Purchase super hot rod essentials like high-performance suspension, motors, gears, batteries, and tires.1 to 4 players can sign up at the gate-just one player races at a time-but only the best become World Champ.So roll up to the starting line.Keep your eye on the clockReady...Set...go for it!


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R.C. Grand Prix (USA)
Absolute Entertainment
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