Super Mario Bros. Deluxe - Game Boy Color

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Bowser has once again taken over the Mushroom Kingdom, and it's up to Mario to put an end to his sinister reign. Battle Bowser's vile henchmen through 32 different levels - all taken directly from the 1985 classic! Then move on to collect special Red Coins and Yoshi Eggs in the Challenge Mode. Or face off against a friend and race through 8 competition courses in the all-new VS Mode! This time there's a lot more to do than just save a Princess, so get ready for a brick-smashin', pipe-warpin', turtle-stompin' good time!


Game Detail

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (USA)
Nintendo CGB-AHYE-USA 45496730925 E
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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (Europe)
Nintendo CGB-AHYP-EUR-1
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (Australia)
Nintendo G
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