All-Star Baseball 2000 - Game Boy Color

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You can learn the basics of baseball in an afternoon, then spend a lifetime mastering its intricacies. All-Star Baseball 2000 isn't quite so daunting, but expect to log lots of time on the Pause screens while you figure it out. Created by Iguana, ASB 2000 has the glossy graphics and excellent sound engineering you'd expect from the team that brought you All-Star Baseball '99, NFL Quarterback Club 99 and Turok 2. ASB 2000 supports hi-res graphics without the Expansion Pak. If you pop in an Expansion Pak, though, you'll witness extra-long replays.


Game Detail

All-Star Baseball 2000 (USA)
Acclaim CGB-AA2E-USA E
All-Star Baseball 2000 (Europe)
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