Dark Castle - Genesis

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It's dark! It's dangerous! It's downright devious! You've got smarts, a buff bod, and a pocketful of rocks. Now, climb the ramparts of Dark Castle and dethrone the Black Knight. Hosts of nasty creatures protect him. Dispatch these lackeys or the Black Knight will eat your lunch! Maneuver through a maze of ropes to evade death-dealing rodents. Hurl fantastical fireballs at dive-bombing vultures and menacing mutants. Penetrate the Black Knight's wicked and well-protected inner sanctum. Clobber his horrific henchmen and snatch the precious key.


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Dark Castle (USA)
Electronic Arts 7034 14633070347
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Dark Castle (Europe)
Electronic Arts E117SMXI 5015839177002
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Dark Castle (South America)
Tec Toy
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