Slaughter Sport - Genesis

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You have entered the Blood Pit to challenge those who represent death and dismemberment. Like those before you, the odds are stacked in your opponent's corner, but cowardice has never been part of your vocabulary. Summon your brute strength, raw courage, Magic Weapons and bone-splintering Special Move as you prepare to survive!Welcome Challenger... Welcome to the gorific Blood Pit! For your carnal pleasure, the fight WILL be to the death! As if you expected anything less from the horrific brutality known as Slaughter Sport.- 1 or 2 Player- Simultaneous Action!- 12 Paralyzing Magical Spells!- 18 Murderous Opponents!- 24 Bone-Crushing Moves!- 306 Different Bouts!- 5 Megabit Action!- 16 Bit Graphics


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Fat Man (Japan)
Sanritsu Denki T-44013 4991773020011
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Slaughter Sport (USA)
Razorsoft T-56046
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