ToeJam & Earl - Genesis

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Check it out... We're ToeJam and Earl. And we ran into a small problem. More specifically, a large planet (I shoulda never let Earl drive...). Help us hunt down the pieces to our rocket ship and we'll let you jam out some tunes on our megawatt rapmaster. Deal? WHOAH!! We're bumpin' into some of the weirdest creatures in the universe: Earthlings. Boogie down with bewitching hula girls. Block a nerd herd. Or hurl tomatoes at a crazed dentist with a drill. Split up and scope things out. Or hang together to share your stuff. Pick up presents you can use - like wings, rocket skates and inner tubes. Or ones you'll wish you hadn't opened - like bees, tomato rain and school books. So grab a friend - or join the jamminest party you'll ever play!


Game Detail

Horiwa Ttungi (Korea)
ToeJam & Earl (South America)
Tec Toy
ToeJam & Earl (USA)
ToeJam & Earl (Japan)
Sega G-4066 4974365540661
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ToeJam & Earl (Europe)
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