Battle Master - Genesis

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A world of dwarves, elves, humans and orcs. Mounted in the crown of each race's king is one of the four scattered shards of the Watcher's Tower Gem - which must be returned to its rightful place before the world degenerates into oblivion. Conquer all four races with the army you assemble and lead into battle.- At least 100 hours to complete the game- Over 300 magical items and weapons to find and use- More than 2,500 screens make up 50 towns, villages, castles, dungeons and wilderness areas- Wizards, thieves, warriors and merchants in each race- Hundreds of different monsters to take on- Align your troops in one of 18 different military formations- Lead your army into combat - and fight your own battles!It's a long way back to the Watcher's Tower. So we hope you've got plenty of time.


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Battle Master (USA)
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