CrossFire - Genesis

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Crash Them To Pieces!Most Exciting Games' Cross Fire is No.1!!The narcotics triangle is a zone dominated by evil where powerful drug cartels prevail. Colombia in South America, Mongolia in Asia, and Iran in the Middle East - these are the countries in which the world's three largest drug producers are based. Because of these crime-ridden groups, the world is experiencing unprecedented corruption and danger toward the end of the 20th century, people are the world are addicted to drugs, and are losing all motivation to continue their jobs. As a united group, the three major drug organizations are secretly scheming to take advantage of the chaos and invade and conquer the world. Sharing this common goal, the three groups combine their evil ideas and begin to carry out their plans. Heads of state are kidnapped and held hostage at the organization headquarters. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, Billy finally decides to take action and sets out to destroy the evil drug empire.


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Super Airwolf (Japan)
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CrossFire (USA)
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CrossFire (South America)
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