David Robinson's Supreme Court - Genesis

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Play above the rim! In this game, every dribble, pass, foot-slashing run and elbow-pumping fake is real - all digitized from real basketball. 24 different shots from jumpers to slams, unbelievable speed and rim-rattling sound effects make this the tops in hoop-bending action. Robinson proves his case with two-handed monster slams and awesome net attcks! 3-on-3 or full-tilt tournament action. Pick up a killer squad from a 20 player draw of slam specialists, board crashers and fast-breaking ball stealers. Catch the Admiral's color commentary at the breaks.


Game Detail

David Robinson Basketball (Japan)
Sega G-4071 4974365540715
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David Robinson's Supreme Court (USA)
Sega 1214 10086012149
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David Robinson's Supreme Court (Europe)
Sega 1214-50
David Robinson's Supreme Court (South America)
Tec Toy
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