Devilish: The Next Possession - Genesis

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Anyone can break through a couple of brick walls, right? Well, breaking through barriers is only a small part of this mission. Tons of beasts, bodies, blockades, and other bad seed await you as you travel through a series of eight daring and challenging stages.Dodge through graveyards and waterfalls, slide through a world of ice, and with a little luck, you'll reach the Evil Temple, where you'll come face to face with your most evil nemesis, Gamma.But Gamma doesn't even expect you to make it to the end, because he has placed plenty of his best beasts and boobie-traps on each level to aid in your demise. And at the end of each level, you must battle one of Gamma's most devoted creatures of darkness before you can move on to the next challenge.But don't worry. We've equipped you with our specialized dual-paddle system. And there are four different paddle formations to give you maximum control of the Power Orb.


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Bad Omen (Japan)
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Devilish: The Next Possession (USA)
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Bad Omen (Korea)
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