Dynamite Duke - Genesis

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It's metal against mutant in a futuristic battle for survival! Just like in the arcade smash hit, you're Dynamite Duke, a one-man assault force with a devastating punch. Stomp into the war zone armed with machine guns, bazookas, and the physical strength of a battalion.A power-crazed Colonel and his mutant military are threatening world peace. You must singlehandedly raid their island command, annihilate its inhuman army, and crush the war machine.Tear through six levels of violence. Fight off a barrage of machine guns, tanks, assault helicopters, and mutant grunts. Get up-close and nasty with elbow bashes, kicks, uppercuts, and gunstock smashes. Your bionic punch is vicious!Battle through brutal firefights and hand-to-hand combat. Then face the final bloody duel with the Colonel in his Atomic Reactor stronghold. Are you ready for his diabolically murderous surprise?


Game Detail

Dynamite Duke (Japan)
Sega G-4038 4974365540388
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Dynamite Duke (USA)
Sega 1113
Dynamite Duke (Europe)
Sega 1113-50
Dynamite Duke (South America)
Tec Toy
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