Exile - Genesis

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Become Sadler the desert warrior as he travels the known world in search of the precious Holimax! Join forces with Rumi, Kindi, and Fakhyle to piece together the puzzle that will allow you to find the Holimax and use it to overthrow the ruthless Klispin Crusaders! But keep your cool! In this quest, you'll have to trudge through waist deep snow, jump through haunted forests, plan a jailbreak, slink through creepy towerse, and defeat terrifying monsters if you're going to get anywhere! Hurry! There is only one Holimax, and the enemy forces are closing in!


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Exile (USA)
Renovation 49186 720238101804
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Exile: Toki no Hazama e (Japan)
Riot T-49093 4988624990586
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