Fatal Rewind - Genesis

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First prize is your life! It's a game show in the 21st century and you're the entertainment! Equip your armored body with high-tech weaponry. Scale the walls and avoid the rising acid as you make your dash for freedom. Dozens of Hostile Artificial Life Forms have targeted you for extermination. Watch your step, booby traps are everywhere! 12 levels of hot arcade action to climb, jump and blast your way through. Choose from over a dozen different weapons to strap onto your body suit. Fatal rewind - step in and re-direct sections of your previous escape attempts. 3 levels of difficulty - hard, harder and hardest!


Game Detail

Fatal Rewind (USA)
Electronic Arts 709201
Fatal Rewind (Europe)
Electronic Arts
Fatal Rewind (Australia)
Electronic Arts
Fatal Rewind (South America)
Tec Toy
The Killing Game Show (Japan)
Electronic Arts Victor EM20021 4938833000774
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