Golden Axe II - Genesis

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Chop down the forces of evil in this intense sequel to Golden Axe. Battle the dreaded Dark Guld with the Barbarian, the Amazon and the Dwarf. Use tough new warrior skills and dazzling magic. Kick, hack, and hurl away enemies in the struggle to recapture that legendary symbol of peace, the Golden Axe. So let the battle begin! Lift your mighty blade high to crush the demon Dark Guld!


Game Detail

Golden Axe II (USA)
Sega 670-1707 10086011227
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Golden Axe II (Japan)
Sega G-4062 4974365540623
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Golden Axe II (Europe)
Sega 670-1912-50 4974365611224
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Golden Axe II (Australia)
Golden Axe II (Korea)
Golden Axe II (South America)
Tec Toy
Golden Axe II (Sega Gold Collection) (Australia)
Sega 4974365611224
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