LHX Attack Chopper - Genesis

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Be the first to fly the high-tech LHX, America's next generation combat helicopter. LHX Attack Chopper delivers unparalleled realism in the most advanced 3-D polygon flight simulator ever for the Sega Genesis! Fly the Light Helicopter eXperimental or the AH-64 Apache. Hide behind hills and buildings as you hunt down enemy forces! Two-player co-op play, pilot and gunner. Realistic helicopter flight controls with altitude control, backwards flying, side slips, and autorotation. 30 unique attack missions over Europe, Libya, and Southeast Asia. Weather, difficulty levels, and targets change with each mission for unlimited play. Attack 40 types of enemy targets by day or night: Main Battle Tanks, MiG Fighter Jets, Havoc gunships, SAM missile sites, and many more!


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LHX Attack Chopper (Europe)
Electronic Arts
LHX Attack Chopper (Japan)
Electronic Arts Victor EM20016 4938833000347
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LHX Attack Chopper (USA)
Electronic Arts 14633070774
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LHX Attack Chopper (Korea)
Samsung GM 8103 JT
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