MUSHA: Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armor - Genesis

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Our Solar System is under siege from Dire 51 - the MUSHA Team is the ONLY hope we've got! In the ultimate battle, you must blast the controlling Intellicomputer Dire 51 and regain control of the planets. You'll earn special weapons like the Vanishing Buster, Blazing Beam, and Defensive Detonator. Change weapons fast, or you'll be blown to oblivion. On the MUSHA Team, skill alone won't cut it. Your existence depends on quick reflexes and instincts! Do you have what it takes? Blazing features include 4 Mbit ROM, 7 levels, Weapon options and Selectable Firing Direction, Multiple Endings and 16-Bit Graphics!


Game Detail

Musha Aleste (Japan)
Toaplan T-35013 4988759901020
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MUSHA: Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armor (USA)
Seismic 35046 716065811603
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