Paperboy - Genesis

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Ride your trusty bike - loaded with tightly rolled newspapers - through a comical, ever-changing neighborhood. Score big points by tossing papers into subscribers' mailboxes and porches. Don't miss, 'cause you'll lose a customer for every bad throw. Now, for the real fun: score even bigger points by bombarding nonsubscribers' homes, taking out their windows, lamps and statues! But watch out for bad drivers, skateboarders, remote control cars and lots of other obstacles. They can ruin your day real fast. After work, take on the Training Course, a BMX-style bonus round that'll test your aim and riding skills to the max!


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Paperboy (USA)
Tengen 31763029502
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Paperboy (Europe)
Paperboy (Japan)
Tengen T-48043 4991425000064
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