RoadBlasters - Genesis

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THE DEALIEST RACE OF YOUR LIFE!Imagine a time and place where no laws govern the highways. When every driver is out to get you. This is the world of RoadBlasters! Sitting behind the wheel of a super high-performance car, you face a unending stretch of deadly highway. Blast your way through speedy Stingers, armored Command cars, evasive Rat Jeeps and darting Cycles. Your driving skills will be tested to the max by roadside gun turrets and bombs thrown by enemy vehicles. Collect fuel globes - you'll need them. More fuel will be awarded as you reach each checkpoint and rally point. To even out the odds, a support jet will drop special weapons, such as cruise missiles, Nitro Injectors, U.Z. Cannons or Electro-Shields. Pick them up and you just might race another day!


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RoadBlasters (USA)
Tengen 31763032502
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RoadBlasters (Japan)
Tengen T-48023 4991425000040
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