Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball - Genesis

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FEEL THE HEAT!! Three-time Cy Young Award winner Roger "The Rocket" Clemens blazes home the best in Genesis baseball!SO REAL!! League play, realistic fielding, instant replay for great plays, and strategy tips from Clemens himself! You even control leading and base stealing!PLAY BALL!! The Rocket's on the mound... and you're up!- STEP UP THE PLATE: With enhanced graphics, sound and player control.- CLOSE-UP PLAYS AT THE BASE: You control the slide and tag.- OVER-THE-SHOULDER-FIELDING: The most realstic perspective EVER!!- LEAGUE PLAY: Get ready for a full season of Genesis baseball!- PURE BASEBALL: Spectacular infield views put you right into the action!!- TV STYLE COMMENTATORS: Get League standings after each game.


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Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball (USA)
Flying Edge T-81106
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