Space Invaders '91 - Genesis

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Thirteen years ago, Space Invaders, the legendary arcade hit, rocked the video game world. Now the legend is about to become the sequel with no equal. And it's available for play on the Sega Genesis system.It's 1991, 13 years since those pesky space invaders were turned back from Earth in a near-cataclysmic laser battle. But they've simply been biding their time and now they're ready to try again.This time, however, Planet Earth and all its people are ready to respond to the alien onslaught swiftly and decisively.Player's join Earth's elite fighting squadrons and venture into deep space with their sights set on blasting any and all enemy fortresses from the face of the galaxy. Only through their unending diligence can they hope to make history repeat itself.


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Space Invaders '90 (Japan)
Taito Corporation T-11053 4988611900116
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Space Invaders '91 (USA)
Taito Corporation
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