Sports Talk Baseball - Genesis

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Non-stop play-by-play announcing pulls you off your seat and into the batter's box. Slug with your bat high like Ruben Sierra or hammer with Cecil Fielder's wide-open stance. Watch Ken Griffey Jr. scramble for shoe-string catches! "Ironman" Cal Ripken Jr. dives for hard shots in the hole! Go to bat with Kirby Puckett, Roger "The Rocket" Clemens, and "Doc" Gooden. Sharpen your team with pinch hitters and ace relievers like Dennis Eckersley. Seasons stretch up to 162 games including pennant race. A bench-full of batting styles, searing pitcher control and Sega Sports Talk hit home with all the big league baseball you can handle. And Canseco's up next...


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Pro Yakyuu Super League '91 (Japan)
Sega G-4529 4974365545291
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Sports Talk Baseball (Europe)
Sports Talk Baseball (USA)
Sega 1211
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