Street Smart - Genesis

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Yo! This ain't no plastic trophy contest! You gotta watch out 'cause these street fighters don't mess! They're some of the toughest, meanest, quickest dudes ever to chew on nails - know what I'm sayin'?Lay down some serious pain! Karate Man or Crusher, take your pick! Your bud's coppin' a 'tude? Then let him have a piece! But ya' better get Street Smart first, or you'll have a hard time finding all your teeth with one eye!POW! Lash out with the Dragon's Tail for a whippin' time!BLAM! Send 'em flyin' to the Moon with the Crusher's Kansas Tornado Kick!OOOF! Fight the good fight - get the girl and the money!


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Street Smart (Japan)
Treco T-24083 4909508120011
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Street Smart (USA)
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