Task Force Harrier EX - Genesis

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What do ya do when friendly skies turn mean?Rip through unfriendly territory! Duck and roll in a deadly round of air tag with a squadron of hungry enemy choppers! Make the right choice and live to finish the mission; screw it up and get blasted into next week!TASK FORCE HARRIER EX - an intense, non-stop, heavy-barreled, turbo-bladed assault! Demolish enemy bunkers, set ablaze hostile battleships, and decimate squads of marauding enemy gunships! Obliterate these guys, and come face-to-face with the big guns! Strap in, power-up, and blast-off on an incredbiel 8 meg mission to gun down the bad guys!That's right, bud! Fly with TASK FORCE HARRIER EX, and score a free subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly! That's a super value, Free, for one of the hottest video game mags on the stand!- Duck and dive to shatter an armored platoon headed by T-95's!- This is full-blown, kick-butt action - think, and you're history!- Team-up with Phantom escorts and nail this big, bad behemoth!


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Task Force Harrier EX (Japan)
Treco T-24053 4909508122039
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Task Force Harrier EX (USA)
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