Toki: Going Ape Spit - Genesis

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Go Ape WIth Toki! Dr. Stark, the evil genetic engineer, kidnaps your girlfriend then turns you into an ape. You've got to find her before it's too late. Open your mouth and let it fly! Scorch Stark's weird hordes with fireballs and laser blasts. Slog through disgusting ooze bogs, explore lush jungles, jump boiling lava pits, and swim beneath sparkling seas. Go wild! Score a super simian success on your way through this fantastic adventure!


Game Detail

Toki: Going Ape Spit (USA)
Sega 670-2135 10086011272
eBay | Amazon
Toki: Going Ape Spit (Europe)
Sega 670-2135 4974365611279
eBay | Amazon
JuJu Densetsu (Japan)
Sega G-4064 4974365540647
eBay | Amazon
Toki Going Ape Spit (South America)
Tec Toy
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