Triple Play 96 - Genesis

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Play Ball!Detail- Updated 95 rosters and schedule- Detailed, zoom mode batter/pitcher interface- 28 customized stadiums with individual characteristics- MLBPA license, eveyr player in the big leagues including Grissom, Piazza, Maddux, and Bonds- 24 Meg cart - over 2,500 frames of animation including: collisions, diving catches, 32K Battery - tracks and saves stats in 25 different categories- Hot & Cold Streaks- Injuries- Mid-season Allstars game based upon performanceOptions- Trades- Create rookies, veterans, and minor league players- Full Season mode - choose between 26, 52, 104, 144 or 162 game schedule- 3 Difficulty Settings- 2 batter views: Zoom or Press Box- 4 Way PlayControl- On-the-fly Manager option- Aggressive or conservative plays - you decide- Each pitcher has 12 pitches to choose from- Multiple batting stances and pitcher deliveries


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Triple Play 96 (USA)
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