Trouble Shooter - Genesis

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Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman...When King Fredrick's only son and heir to the throne is kidnapped by Blackball, the mutant military weapons genius, an international disaster seems imminent.Colonel Patch quickly contacts the "Trouble Shooter" to find Prince Eldon and destroy Blackball and his treacherous robotic underworld. You can imagine his surprise when two gorgeous girls show up, ready to do battle.Madison and her faithful sidekick, Crystal, go through five stages of violent combat to rescue the Prince. They encounter all sorts of fearful creatures in their adventure throughout Blackball's domain. Will Prince Eldon survive? Can Madison destroy Blackball? Will the girls emerge from Blackball's evil empire safely? Only time will tell.......


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Trouble Shooter (USA)
Vic Tokai
Battle Mania (Japan)
Vic Tokai T-23013 4966550492015
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