Happy Trails - Intellivision

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Conceived and designed by Carol Shaw.For one or two players.Tarnation! Black Bart's robbed the stagecoach! Why, that varmint's makin' his getaway through the Badlands.Now, if you're fixin' to track him down and recover the loot, ya' best learn the laws of the West first!You'll have to git deputized and blaze trails. Read terrain and arrange pathways. Avoid dead ends and, always, be on the lookout for that bushwhackin' Black Bart. Else, it's a shortcut to Boothill for you!It's dangerous. It's demanding. It's downright confounding! It's Happy Trails by Activision! (Dadgummit! Who named this game, anyway?).All Activision video game cartridges are covered by Activision's limited one-year warranty. See details enclosed.This Activision video game cartridge may also be used with the Sears Super Video Arcade.


Game Detail

Happy Trails (USA)
Activision M-003
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