Royal Dealer - Intellivision

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Fold up the card table and bring out the snacks! Here are four old favorites of card players everywhere--Hearts, Crazy Eights, Rummy and Gin Rummy. You select the number of computer-controlled opponents. Then get ready to sharpen your card-playing skills, for these ladies will show no mercy!Long range strategy is the key to winning at HEARTS. Avoid the suit of Hearts and the Queen of Spades? Or try to take them all and "shoot the moon"?- 1 player vs. the computer.- 4 games--HEARTS, CRAZY EIGHTS, RUMMY and GIN RUMMY.- Choice of 1 to 3 computer-controlled opponents for most games.- Sound effects highlight game play and warn of illegal plays.- High resolution color graphics create a "card party" environment.- No need to keep score--the computer does it for you.


Game Detail

Royal Dealer (USA)
Mattel 3758
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