Space Spartans - Intellivision

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The new wave in space adventure takes you beyond sound effects, beyond the skills you've already mastered. SPACE SPARTANS sends you on an odyssey against overwhelming alien odds, in a tougher-than-ever game that TALKS TO YOU!- You play against the computer's alien fleets. 5 game speeds.- You control 5 ship system's--Battle Computer, Tracking Computer, Shields, Impulse Drive and Hyper Drive.- You maneuver your ship, fire on the enemy, make command decisions that determine the fate of your ship.4 DIFFERENT VOICES TALK TO YOU!SHIP'S COMPUTER reports on status of all ship systems.CENTRAL COMPUTER reports on energy level and number of aliens.STARBASE COMPUTER calls an alert when aliens attack your starbases.ALIEN COMMANDER tells you when the battle is over.


Game Detail

Space Spartans (USA)
Mattel 3416
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